Monday, November 08, 2004

Count The Vote Allies

I will try my best to compile a list of bloggers, journalists and organization who are committed to fix this fucked up electoral system that we have.

The list will include groups and individuals who are ready to take action right now, as well as those that understand the battle but, for different reasons, will not officially enlist. The names I've assigned to the two groups may not be exact ("Count the votes later" is more than a bit hyperbolic) but it's important that we know who our friends are in this cause. Voices in the Democratic Party might chime in with us. But make no mistake, significant campaign finance reform and electoral system reform are opposed by both parties.

Once again...again...again...again...this is not about Kerry/Edwards 2004. This is about the future elections. But we need to use the results of this election in order to bring about change.

Please e-mail me or leave a comment if you would like to add your name (or the name of your group or website) to either column. Give me will grow.


  • Black Box
  • Randi Rhodes
  • Citizens’ Alliance for Secure Elections (Ohio)
  • Black Box
  • Bloggerman: Keith Olbermann
  • Count The
  • Kos of Daily Kos
  • Morning Sedition

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