Thursday, November 11, 2004

Help America Recount

Finally! A post by IdaBriggs on Democratic Underground led me here: Help America Recount!: "Consumer groups rallying citizens for recounts in Ohio, Florida; voters can fund audits of Ohio and court challenges in Florida by donating to, a 527 tax exempt organization set up exclusively for recount funding."

"The Help America Recount Fund is a new 527 fund affiliated with and the National Ballot Integrity Project. The sole purpose of the Help America Recount Fund is to finance presidential ballot recounts in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere, for the 2004 election. For more information, contact us at Or you can reach us at Help America Recount Fund, Law Offices of Lowell Finley, 1604 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707-2109."

If you can afford to contribute money, please do. And if you're like me - and the only capital you have is your words - write all your favorite bloggers, write your congressmen, call your rich relatives, call your local television stations, write the mainstream and indy media outlets, post the links on your blog, spread the word around.

This is something that all Americans (both major parties and independents) should be talking about. Our country should truly reflect the will of the people. And if all the votes aren't counted, then no elections should be considered legitimate (some people think that saying something like that would lead to anarchy...that's matter what...Americans are going to live their lives...we recovered from the 2000 indecision...we recovered from 9/11...we can recover from the realization that our electoral system is not working and probably never has worked as well as it should).


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