Saturday, November 13, 2004

Must See Flash Movie

Andy of Town And Planet has an amazing flash movie on his website which basically shows everything that I've been blogging about the last week and a half (Election 2004). It's called Liar and the music's rotten (Johnny Rotten, that is). I can't stop watching it. In fact, I'm watching it again right now. It's right up there with Eminem's Mosh and A Perfect Circle's Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums. You rule, Andy.

Here's a link to another organization devoted to counting those fucking votes in Ohio. Recount Ohio Now"In response to the daily stories on voting irregularities, the New Leaders Council and the Progressive College and University Project launched Recount, a grassroots advocacy campaign that will build awareness and mobilize support for a recount in Ohio."

One of my favorite websites,, has been doing a killer job tracking this story (you know, the one that The New York Times disregards).

I forgot to include a link to Ralph Nader, who is forcing a recount in New Hampshire. Seems to me, a lot of Democrats owe him an apology.

I mentioned Dennis Kucinich the other day. He published this at Common Dreams Org: "During this interim period, attorneys from both political parties, and those representing me, will be watching the procedures by county Boards of Elections carefully. Among the most important issues to note is the counting of the overvotes. Overvotes occur when more than one candidate is indicated on the punch card." See, Dennis knows it's about the spoilage, too.



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