Friday, November 05, 2004

Senator Kerry, Accept My Apology

Of course, I've been upset the past few days. I spent all day on Tuesday getting out the vote in Pennsylvania (we won there!) with over 1,000 other New Yorkers, and I have unleashed some venom on the Internet the past few days against people that are on my side.

Of course, I was upset that Bush was awarded the election. But I was even more upset at Senator Kerry for conceding so early...and especially angry at all the liberal bloggers who accepted the "final" results without screaming about voter fraud, voter suppression and electronic voting.

But a few diaries on the Daily Kos website have me rethinking things.

Kerry may have already conceded. But that might not mean that it's over.

Without getting into too much detail...I offer you these three links to important diaries (which include the revelation that Bush received 4285 votes in a precinct where only 638 votes were cast ): Hunter's Ohio Provisional Ballots, Recounts, and Fraud; Bonobo's Franklin County totals are inaccurate and Brooklyn Boy's Citizens of Ohio. Please Petition for a Recount

Hunter writes, "If Kerry had not "conceded", being behind nearly 140,000 votes, or if he had stood at the podium and announced "fraud!", large parts of America would be up in arms, thinking him completely batshit crazy. Right now, he looks like a classy guy. If circumstances change, and Ohio is within reach, he can still request the recount."

Even if Kerry has no interest in jumping back's important that this democracy takes the time to make sure that every vote is counted. Even if it means nothing, in the long run (of course, with Bush at the could be a short run).

So, sorry, Senator Kerry. I'm sorry for the nasty letter I wrote you (which luckily came back undeliverable). I'm sorry for putting Edwards' name in caps in a prior post.

And I have one other reason to apologize.

Raw Story (which recently linked to this little story of mine: Cocaine, Wrestling & George Bush Part 4) is reporting that Newsweek is alleging that Bill Clinton tried to get JFKerry to go anti-gay the last few weeks. If this is true. Shame on you, my favorite President. And bully for you, Senator Kerry.

I'm still pissed at all the liberal bloggers who laid down and died, though. But give me a few days. I've already apologized to a few of them, so far.



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