Friday, January 07, 2005

Laugh Away Your Common Ills

I believe I owe "The Common Ills" another blurb, since I've been quoted on that marvelous blog nearly every day for the past week. This blog is not a blog that allows comments, it does something even better, it reflects the "will of the people" by posting excerpts from the many e-mails it receives from it's passionate readers. T.C.I. received 397 e-mails in regards to Objection Day, and, believe it or not, every single one of those people are going to get back a personal reply. I'm in awe of those Herculean efforts.

T.C.I. doesn't just let it's readers speak. T.C.I. also finds the time to blog about the good and the bad in the media, and somtimes writes articles that are better than nearly anything else in the blogosphere.

One such article was posted yesterday, not long after the fraudulent election results were certified by Congress. This article made me laugh harder than a weeks worth of Daily Show episodes: a transciption of Senator Dum Butt's remarks against the objections - The Common Ills.

UPDATE - 2 More Links:

A thread at Democratic Underground started by dzika which contains videos from the January 6, 2004 Objection Day proceedings. A DU'er named Sabra asked dzika to post the following screen shot, which I imagine is from C-Span, of the House vote (sorry, but you might have to scroll down to see it):

As another DU'er, Mulethree, astutely observed, "The votes would show up as a republican Yea and then a few seconds later turn into a Democrat YEA or a republican NAY. Apparently even the house electronic voting system has some default 'irregularity' that prefers to vote yes and republican."

And here's another link to Loaded Mouth where I've been guest blogging. I just wrote an article which I thought about cross-posting here but instead I'll just leave a link to my post so you can find it: No Metz Bubbles For Iraqis.


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