Friday, January 14, 2005

Watching West Virginia

~A!, the editor of Watching The Watchers, has just posted the latest article in the series that we are concurrently conducting together which I especially like to call 50 States Mislead Their Voters (and ~A! calls.Voting Irregularities 2004...while some of my readers who hail from, say, here, might call it something else untiringly).

While many (but not near enough) Websites out there are writing about election irregularities all across the country, I believe the work that ~A! are doing bares distinction because we are doing it in a completely non-partisan manner. We're going to try to document both sides (I should say all sides because the third parties definitely get the rawest end of the deal in our current rotten electoral system). ~A!'s article ("New West Virginia Governor Knee-Deep In Election Scandals") deals with a Democratic Secretary of State who was just elected governor, Joe Manchin, and it's worth checking out no matter what political affiliation you claim (or have recently disclaimed).

Two announcements:

United for Peace and Justice is one of the groups planning to peacefully protest Bush’s Inauguration on January 20th. Visit for details and links.

Velvet Revolution is a "non-profit organization that intends to bring together all the many progressive movements, organizations and people in the country to oppose the arrogance of power in Washington today. As our first call to action, we hope to bring together the many disparate groups and elements revolving around the questionable results of the 2004 presidential election. It's become very clear that it was an election rife with Anti-American disenfranchisement and countless "irregularities". There are many groups throughout the country who have worked hard on the issue for a long time without any centralized coordination. VR hopes to bring all those groups together and provide a means for citizens to stay informed and involved."


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