Friday, February 04, 2005

Straight-Shooting Preacher-Man On Social Security

I don't know how many "mainstream" Democratic Baptist bloggers there are on the Internets (oh...come on...still funny), but earlier tonight (post-stupid-SOTUS) while investigating the truth about Social Security, I found one "straight-shooting preacher-man" who has also blogged about depleted uranium and "nickel and diming the troops" and digs Dostoevsky. So consider him linked.

Mainstream Baptist blogger, Dr. Bruce Prescott (also President of the Oklahoma Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State; plus Executive Director of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists), has written a must-read post that tells us "What President Bush Really Said About Social Security: Link.

"The truth is, when President Bush was elected our country was running enormous budget surpluses. Instead of investing that money to provide Social Security benefits for people 54 and younger, he gave nearly all of it to the wealthiest 1% of tax-payers in tax cuts. He, and all the other politicians in Congress, knew the demographics of Social Security when he made the decision to promote those tax cuts. Then the President ran up enormous budget deficits waging war in Iraq. The President is still running up the national debt. He knew the demographics of Social Security when he pushed for his pre-emptive war in Iraq. Now everyone 54 and younger will be paying war debts instead of saving up for their Social Security benefits after 2018-2042."

What did I tell you? Dr. Prescott is da bomb (speaking of bombs: I should warn all of you that this is a google bomb. I'm not a member of Blogpac nor do I intend to join, but if this helps get out the truth about Social Security and helps smother the lies, then I say Social Security, Social Security, and - one more for good measure - Social Security)

(Attention Blogpac and There Is No Crisis people: You must kick out the Freeper troll who blogs as The New Democrat because he is a mole. Last night at one of the serial bloggers other blogs, the one that is supposed to be Bill Clinton's Daily Diary, Ricky Vandal - pretending to be President Clinton - backed Bush's plan to destroy social security. Earlier today the agent provocateur realized he went too far, so he rewrote his post. Mongoosejuice2004 is now saying that while he disagrees with the plan, he is convinced it will pass because Bush is "very good." Links to Ricky's blogs appear elsewhere on this Website and at Loaded Mouth.)


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