Friday, February 11, 2005

'Sup To All 10 of My Readers

"As for the on-line stuff, this “Jeff Gannon” has been attacked by people who only write on-line themselves, which is itself ironic. If the WH briefing room fills up with bloggers who write for ten readers, then it's a triage issue. Otherwise, allow the guy," said Charles Krauthammer, Thursday night on Fox's Special Report with Brit Hume (transcript with great commentary at the blog that watches Fox News so we don't have to).

Update - I am not the eggman nor the walrus nor the mole but, in honor of the recent focus on exposing bloggers, I decided to out myself. Not unlike Ricky, I've employed an alias at Daily Kos since I got banned (though...I further confess...snicker...that I originally created it so that I could recommend some of my diaries...hey...I didn't do it to all of them...just the ones I thought were important).

I didn't do much with Edkra (the diary contains a cut-and-paste of my permalinked-on-the-right story "the banned diary?" here's the link: Ban Me Again or Let Me Back In). I only used it twice before for diaries...most of the time I didn't even promote my blog...I mainly wanted to be able to retain the power to recommend diaries that addressed issues related to election reform. So sue me. I was a sort of mole in the blogosphere, too (not unlike but not like the Freeper Netherlander Serial Blogger behind Bill Clinton's Daily Diary Blog. Bill Clinton's Daily Diary Blogspot is a fraud).

Now back to looking into that rat-bastard family values clown who I guess wants to renew America so that we can make it a country where kicking your own daughter out of the house because she is a lesbian is proof of moral values: Her blog.

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