Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Damn Right I'm Bloggin' This!

Tas of Loaded Mouth has issued a cry-out to bloggers big, almost big, and on the left, and on the right, on behalf of a cry-out from Sub-Sailor (Rob Schumacher) of Rob's Blog. Just like Tas, I'm gonna let Rob blog for himself:

""Status quo of U.S. military personnel"...shall we say "how the warhawk administration treats it's disposable assets"? Or "how not to win the hearts and minds of your own troops"?"

"From the day I first read the story of the 656th Transportation Company, I was furious. I blogged it to no end on my own blog, and this inspired fellow blogger Cookie to set up and co-blog "Fair Treatment For Our Soldiers" with me."

"The short of it...a unit in Iraq, an Army Reserve transportation crew that moves fuel to the front lines, got to Iraq short on trucks, mounts for their guns, and parts. Sounds familiar...remember that soldier complaining about "hillbilly armor" to Donald Rumsfeld during a morale boosting visit by the Secretary of Defense?"

(From Fair Treatment For Our Soldiers:) "Army Chief Warrant Officer Darrell Birt saw a problem, one that just wouldn't work out through official channels...So he took what they needed to complete the mission...from Army vehicles left behind by units that had already moved deeper into Iraq...He was awarded a Bronze Star for his courage and initiative at one point. According to the citation he "proved vital to successful combat operations in Iraq...Well, the Rumsfeld Army sees it differently; he had to plead guilty in a deal to reduce his sentance from 80 years to 16 months, and he lost all his pay, benefits, and retirement...You read that right...he is now considered a felon by the Army...for the same actions that won him a Bronze Star.""

"People are setting up aid and donation sites to get necessities to the troops, as our own government is failing at the job."

"The situation is nearly destroying the Birt family...while the appeals work through, Maj. Kaus has been allowed to stay on active duty, but CW2 Birt has been processed out. The financial disruption and emotional anguish has shaken the faith of this family, a devoutly Christian and tightly knit one that has been devastated by the mistreatment the Army has served them. I've been in contact via email with Janet Birt, Darrell's wife, and it pains me to hear what they are going through. But through it all, CW2 Birt has remained a faithful American and loyal soldier, who still says he'd return to Iraq in a minute if they let him."

"What a way to repay that sort of loyalty. The treatment of these Iraq war vets is treason to all veterans in the United States, and a dishonor to all who pay the ultimate price in the name of our great nation."

"Our servicemen deserve better."

"Here's how you can help:

Petition the U.S. Congress. Petition the General hearing their appeals. Write your Congressional delegation."

"And if you are a blogger...blog this story."

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