Thursday, March 17, 2005


Us bloggers aren't blogging enough about this.

It might be because some of us bloggers don't believe in the concept of finding "common ground." A case of "since they're blogging about this then maybe we shouldn't." I hope there's a less petty reason. But I'm afraid (and ashamed for us) that there might not be one.

When I did a Technorati search for blogs that blogged about Darfur, I found many blogs that had the word G.O.P. in the title but too few on the left.

One left-leaning blogger whose blog came up often in that search is Tas (proud to say, my buddy) at Loaded Mouth. And please, please, please take the time to visit Loaded Mouth and help Tas with his latest project in conjunction with Save Darfur who are organizing a "100 Hours of Conscience" letter writing campaign to the President and Congress so that we can do something about genocide. Tas wrote a letter to The New York Times "about their lack of Darfur coverage" and all you gotta do is add your name and address to it, and click send: link.

I'd also like to give a shout out to Leah A. at Corrente (a blog that I only recently got turned on to but that I've become addicted to many great voices at Corrente, especially the Farmer) who did blog about this the other day: Once Again, Never Again.

Right after I read that post I e-mailed Tas who linked to it right away: A coalition worth joining/Let the letter writing begin. That's what I'm preaching, people. We need to get together. Sometimes, we need to get both sides of the blogosphere together, too. And what blogger out there wants this to continue? I don't think any do (except for maybe that Website that the New York Times linked to that I blogged about the other day: link).

So how about it, blogosphere? Right, left, and those in the middle. Can we all take just five minutes out of our day to do something that could save lives? I sure hope so.


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