Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Notorious B.L.O.G.

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It's the poison pen e-mail that keeps on giving (pertinent excerpts):

February 22, 2005

Dear Atrios,

Blobbidy blob blob blobbidy blob blob blob.

Since writing emails to you is obviously a waste of time...I might as well write to you in gobbledy-gook.

you won't fucking link to matter what...will you?

A lot of people are reading me now, Duncan (for the first time I'm using your name). You have one last fucking chance to realize that you are making a mistake by being a fucking elitist douchebag...and start giving links to smaller blogs like me...and responding to your emails...or I am going to blog about this.


You fuckers play a nice little ignore criticism because you don't want to give the people who criticize you any attention...

That makes you worse than the right-leaning bloggers. When I (or other smaller bloggers like tas at blog about the biggest of the right wingers they at least have the balls to defend themselves.

This is such a waste of my time...but it's just as important as everything I'm working on. You big-time bloggers from the left are not going to continue to get away with this. A lot of people are seeing what you are go on the radio and claim to speak for the kos last night on air america who didn't even mention susan g.......when you really speak for yourselves.

Ron Brynaert (ron not fucking roy)

Thanks to David at ISOU for blogging about this so much in the past few days, that - as he puts it - "I think we have started a REVOLUTION!" Thanks to Tas at Loaded Mouth for keeping this debate alive. Thanks to Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly for posting this graph which shows the difference between how the big blogs on the right and the left link:

MEME infected blogs:

Blogs from the Left: That Colored Fellas weblog, Oliver Willis, Feministe, Last Day of My Life, and Nick Lewis.

Blogs from the Right: The Politicker and The Asylum.

FINALLY, I'd just like to reiterate that I never accused Atrios of ripping me off. My anger was with Media Matters who linked to a Raw Story article about my work exposing the rampant plagiarism by Talon News/GOPUSA of the mainstream media. I wrote Atrios because he is affilliated with Media Matters, and I thought he could help me. While Media Matters did link to the article by John Byrne which linked to me, I felt it was wrong for Media Matters to not mention me since John's article was also about how no one would listen to me even though I broke the story weeks ago:

Media Matters (A.S.): "But Gannon is not the only Talon reporter to lift entire passages from other sources without citation. As the website The Raw Story reported on February 22, "Talon News correspondent Steve Roeder lifted passages, clauses and sentences from stories published by The New York Times, FOX News Channel and Reuters.""

The Raw Story (John Byrne): "Progressive blogger Ron Brynaert first raised concern about the ‘reporter’s ‘reporting’ Feb. 6 on his blog, “Why Are We Back in Iraq?“, though his findings have received scant attention."

Scant attention. Media Matters, themselves, gave me scant attention. The fuckers.

I love Atrios and I read his blog every day. He has been a major influence on my blogging. I don't always agree with him, but I think he deserves his status as one of the best.

As for Media Matters. I appreciate the work they do. But I think they are a bunch of ASSHOLES for ignoring my criticisms and for ignoring my letter to them which showed the rampant plagiarism weeks before The Raw Story reported it. FUCK MEDIA MATTERS GENTLY WITH A CHAINSAW. But, of course, I'll still link to the otherwise fine folks at Media Matters when they publish something that I think my readers would be interested in.

At least Atrios responded to me, in some way. Even Markos from Daily Kos responded in the thread at Atrios. But Media Matters, to me, have shown themselves to be the kings of circle-jerking elitism and, to quote Ice-T, "They can suck my dick while I take a shit all day." Fuck you, David Brock and company.

Is it too much to ask for a fucking e-mail which might explain why your article inaccurately states that February 22nd was when the plagiarists at Talon News were outed? Even though my blog isn't as widely read as The Raw Story, thousands of people read that information here first before John Byrne took it to the next level.

Maybe I made a mistake before starting my blog. Maybe, beforehand, I should have written a book full of racist and sexist lies in order to protect a retarded, addicted-to-porn, unqualified Supreme Court Justice. That way, I'd be just as famous as David Brock, and the bigger blogs on the left wouldn't fucking ignore me.


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