Wednesday, March 09, 2005

(NOTE - This is cross-posted at Plagiarize Jeff Gannon Blog: "I plagiarize Jeff Gannon so that liberal bloggers can read Jeff Gannon without giving him any hits, and since no one seems to care about Jeff's plagiarism, and since the only justice i can provide is in the form of poetic")

Earlier today, Jeff Gannon resumed his bruised position as a "Washington correspondent" and posted his first "real" article since he got shit-canned by Bobby Eberle's Talon News over a month ago: "Bush: Freedom is the Direction of History." The article is nothing more than another patented Jeff Gannon copy-and-paste job, completely taken from a Bush transcript including the title.

I have one firm rule for the Plagiarize Jeff Gannon Blog. I only plagiarize Jeff Gannon's original content. So here's a link to the White House transcript where Jeff Gannon got "Today's News" from: President Discusses War on Terror. Interject a couple "Bush saids" and "Bush delivereds" and you'll be pretty much reading Jeff's latest "piece."


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