Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Tom DeLay Poll Deception

(Update - Oh, well. Zogby sent an e-mail today to Luke which kind of ruined his scoop and shows that The Houston Chronicle did make a mistake when they first printed the article about the DeLay poll. They confused two separate questions about voting for DeLay so there isn't a CONSPIRACY afoot. Whoops. Luke's apologetic update is here.)

My buddy, Luke, from wotisgood4 has got a huge story at his blog.

A poll conducted by The Houston Chronicle in association with Zogby was manipulated after it was originally released. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's disapproval rate in his Texas district was first pegged at 49%. The Associated Press even picked up the story and initially ran the 49% figure.

Then. Somehow. It changed.

Now the stories going all across the wire services say that only 45% of residents don't plan to waste their vote for the shifty, ethically challenged Republican House Majority Leader.

Luke has pictures posted on his blog that prove the deception. He even has a letter from Zogby International that confirms the 49% figure.

Methinks Mr. DeLay's office probably made a few calls to the Houston Chronicle and the Associated Press to get them to manipulate the data, but that's just me. Go to Luke's great blog that comes to you from the land down under and judge for yourself what happened. Here's another link to his blog so you don't forget: DeLay Houston Chron-top.

(DISCLOSURE - Luke wrote me about the story after he first broke it, and I helped him out a little bit with the presentation, as you'll see from his blogger hat tip to moi, but by sending you to his blog I want you all to know that there aren't any free vegamite sandwiches in it for me.)

(UPDATE - I want to give a LOUD shout-out to Atrios for linking to Luke's story, which deserves to spread all across the blogosphere.)


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