Monday, June 20, 2005

Do Wingnuts Dream Of Electric Typewriters?

I want in on the action, too. Nothing beats picking on right wing bloggers that can't read, google or perform proper research. I pretty much live for this shit.

The wingnuts are trying to attack the veracity of the Downing Street minutes by claiming that they are faker than the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes romance. They're basing their baseless case mainly on the fact that the British journalist who first broke the story, Michael Smith, had the Daily Telegraph's legal desk secretary retype the minutes on an old fashioned typewriter.

Tas and Kevin Drum set their sights on the Captain, but I'm going whale hunting.

Yesterday, Jonah Goldberg wrote a boo-hoo post about Kevin Drum's taking him and the Captain to task:

"I don't see why I should apologize for linking to CQ. Nor do I think I was particularly feverish when I linked to him. But whatever."

Whatever. Facts "flummox" poor Jonah. It's not like he has any responsibilities or anything. It's not like he gets paid to blog.

More boo-hooing from Jonah:

"I haven't invested much time or energy in the Downing Street Memo brouhaha as I've had more important personal stuff to deal with."

That over 1700 Americans may have lost their lives due to a pack of lies sold by the Bush/Blair Administrations is not worth Jonah's time or energy to examine or refute. You'd think he'd want to prove us wrong, at least. But Jonah's just a little crybaby who doesn't like being taken to task for writing stupid shit.

But Jonah did find the time and summon the energy to add an update to his post...and that's what I'm going to blast out of the water.

Jonah's update:

"A reader writes: Kevin Drum, in the piece you linked to, says the reporter returned the originals. The accounts I've seen says the reporter destroyed them. Seems like a huge difference between the 2 descriptions there."

So sad isn't it. Jonah gets paid to do this shit and there's nothing but hot air between his ears.

Let's go to the Raw Story to make Jonah look like a fool (Backstory: Confirming the Downing Street documents):

“I was given them last September while still on the [Daily] Telegraph,” Smith, who now works for the London Sunday Times, told RAW STORY. “I was given very strict orders from the lawyers as to how to handle them.”

“I first photocopied them to ensure they were on our paper and returned the originals, which were on government paper and therefore government property, to the source,” he added.

“It was these photocopies that I worked on, destroying them shortly before we went to press on Sept 17, 2004,” he added. “Before we destroyed them the legal desk secretary typed the text up on an old fashioned typewriter.”

That wasn't so hard, was it? Wingnuts make my non-paying job extremely easy.

Michael Smith photocopied the original documents, returned the originals, and then had his legal desk secretary retype the text from the photocopies before destroying them.

To put it in plain english - in the hopes that any wandering wingnuts can easily understand - the original copies were returned and the photocopies were destroyed.

There's no fucking "huge difference." Some wingnuts just don't know how to read.

I gave credit to Michelle Malkin for correcting her mistake last week but I won't hold my breath for Jonah since he doesn't have the time or the energy to do much more than bloviate.


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