Thursday, June 16, 2005

Liveblogging DSM Hearings

Not me. I have to run.

But go to Shakespeare's Sister for links to the hearings and some liveblogging: link.

UPDATE: On my way out the door, I saw a comment by Mark Anderson at Press Think (congrats, Jay, for winning a Reporters Without Borders Freedom Award) which linked to a statement that Greg Palast wrote for the Downing Street minutes hearing (link):

"Let me conclude with a comment about those pesky "blogs" that so bother the New York Times. We should stand and offer a moment of quiet gratitude to the electronic swarm of gadfly commentators who make it so much harder for the US media to ignore news not officially blessed. Yes, Judith Miller's breathless reports for The Times that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction may have maintained "access" for the mainstream press to its diet of White House propaganda, but the blogs insure that, whatever nonsense the US press is biting on, the public need not swallow."

(UPDATE to the UPDATE: Check out The Brad Blog for an excellent rundown on what took place during the Conyers hearing on the DSM: link.)


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