Saturday, June 18, 2005

Robert Redford On Downing Street

(Hat Tip to Melissa McEwan who mentioned a story regarding this Redford interview in a Big Brass Alliance email)

The Salt Lake City Tribune interviewed Robert Redford on his reaction to the recent revelation that Mark Felt was Deep Throat. Mr. Redford mentioned the Downing Street minutes in reference to Watergate (link):

"You can go right down the line [in the Bush administration], there's about 15 issues as strong or as big as the Watergate break-in was that have come and died out," Redford said, citing the fruitless search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the recently uncovered "Downing Street memo" suggesting Bush's officials tweaked intelligence to support their invasion plans."

"The [Bush] administration is successful at denying, and if they get caught, they just deny and move on, or they bait-and-switch and create some other crisis," Redford said. "There are guys out there digging and digging. There are stories appearing every single day. . . . But is it getting any traction with the public?"

As Melissa mentioned in the email, we are beginning to see some traction with the mainstream media:

"[T]he Associated Press is suddenly all over the Downing Street Documents":

Memos: Postwar Iraq a Concern in Britain

U.S. War Plans Much-Discussed in Memos

2002 Memos Undercut British WMD Claims

There is hope. Ignore the stupid opinion article in The Washington Post (which I'm not linking to). Obviously, some journalists are beginning to see the light. The Downing Street minutes are not old news. The Downing Street Memo is the news that the press refused to report about for the last 3 years. 'bout time.


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