Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Why

My real target is Atrios.

As Loaded Mouth's Tas points out in a post provocatively titled "Have some a-listers become irrelevant?":

"I've been doing some research into the bigger blogs over the past couple of days. My targets have been Atrios, Kevin Drum, Matthew Yglesias, Talking Points Memo, and Wonkette. The reason for my research is to see if they have linked to either After Downing Street or the Big Brass Alliance. Unfortunately, not only haven't they linked to these two groups, but these blogs have hardly even talked about the Downing Street Memo."

I don't really read those other bloggers. But I do read Atrios.

On May 13th, Atrios' guest-blogger extroadinaire Avedon (from The Sideshow) mentioned the Downing Street Memo in a post entitled "Make Them Listen." That was the last time anything about the Downing Street minutes appeared at Eschaton.

It's tough work getting the mainstream media to listen to us. But it's even tougher when the biggest single blogger on the left side of the blogosphere won't listen to us either.

Nor has Atrios done anything to help Congressman Conyers attain signatures for his letter to President Bush about the Downing Street minutes: sign the petition.

But Atrios did feel a need to link to a silly Steve Gilliard bit on a dodgeball article that appeared at Salon.

Atrios can obviously blog about whatever he wants. But it's a shame that he doesn't think this is important.

A real fucking shame.

(UPDATE - Atrios finally blogged about the Downing Street minutes today: Did Bush Lie? well, no shit. 5 words are better than nothing. Somehow, Issue X wasn't news earlier today to Duncan Black. And I guess it wasn't news to him yesterday when he was interviewed on C-SPAN. What made him change his mind? I have no idea. Too bad he couldn't spend as much time on that post as he did on his "don't tell me I have any responsibilities" post. But I guess Duncan has his priorities...whatever they may be.)

(UPDATE to the UPDATE - At Jesse's blog, In Search of Telford, I've been having a related battle/discussion with upyernoz about responsibility. In the Haloscan thread connected to the post, Intrasquad Squabbling, upyernoz defends Atrios by pointing out that he DID write about the DSM prior to the date mentioned above: on May 2nd, to be exact. I fucked up. Not the first time. But, even so, I still don't think it was enough...and I think the 350-plus Big Brass Alliance merits a mention on the A-list blog.)


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