Monday, August 01, 2005

AP & Reuters Suck

As I write this, word on the wires is that President Bush is about to use a recess appointment to install John Bolton as the temporary Ambassador to the United Nations.

The two biggest wire services, Associated Press and Reuters, both have articles announcing the coming announcement, and both articles neglect to mention the latest news about John Bolton: that he lied to "the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a questionnaire that he had not been interviewed as part of any investigation within the past five years."

Steve Holland of Reuters apparently thinks that that is too unimportant to note in his short article. In a longer article, Terence Hunt of the Associated Press also leaves that out, and - despite the fact that his article isn't an op-ed - concludes that "it was never clear that Bolton did anything improper."

Bush just announced it, and he highlighted John Bolton's "integrity."

John Bolton has more integrity than Terence Hunt and Steve Holland who don't officially serve the Bush Administration but do their best to lie or cover up for them anyway.


For almost the last hour, Bill Kristol, Bolton's neocon PNAC buddy, has been going on and on about how Senator Dodd has done an unprecedented thing in issuing this statement (Moonie Times link):

"The president has done a real disservice to our nation by appointing an individual who lacks to the credibility to further U.S. interests at the United Nations. I will be monitoring his performance closely to ensure that he does not abuse his authority as he has in the past."

Don't fall for this tired shit. The Republicans always seem to have short memories when it comes to...well, everything.

In June of 1999, President Clinton "appointed James Hormel ambassador to Luxembourg without Senate confirmation. The move prompted Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., to remark, "[Clinton] has shown contempt for Congress and the Constitution." ( link)

And there's a whole bunch more at this link at including these wonderful quotes from former Minority Whip Don Nickles:

"It's unfortunate, and, again, he's [President Clinton] really defying the Constitution . . . There's a reason why you have advise and consent. There's a reason why you have confirmation." (December 31, 2000, UPI)

"[The recess appointment of Bill Lann Lee as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights would be] an affront to the Senate . . . I hope that [President Clinton] doesn't make that mistake. I don't know that that's ever been done in history. It would be at some expense." (December 9, 1997, The Washington Times)

"If he [President Clinton] really sticks his finger in the eye of the Senate as far as the confirmation process, he may not get another person confirmed . . . We don't have to confirm anybody next year." (November 5, 1999, The Washington Times)


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