Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No No Noes

Today's election day in the second district of Ohio, where Democrat and Marine Paul Hackett is running against what has to be one of the worst Republican candidates ever, Jean Schmidt, a walking, talking points memo that small children and animals should do their best to stay away from.

I hope Hackett pulls off an upset, but this is Uh Oh, Ohio we're talking about.

If you don't know what I'm talking about about when I say, "Uh Oh, Ohio," then read Larisa Alexandrova's latest article at RAW STORY entitled "Ms. Noe's own scandal: Wife of Ohio GOP fundraiser does some election reform of her own."

"Bernadette Noe, who served dual roles as chairman for the Lucas County Republican Party and the Lucas County Board of Elections, sent twelve “partisans” into a warehouse on Election Day, according a memo authored by Ohio’s Director of Campaign Finance Richard Weghorst who was present at the time."

"The assertion is part of a comprehensive investigation prepared for Ohio Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell regarding reports of irregularities in Lucas County. The report found gross failures on the part of Ms. Noe’s board in preparation for and administration of November’s election."

What gross failures in Uh Oh, Ohio will we learn about after today's election?

And will we learn about it at the A-list blogs that have been talking up Hackett non-stop for the last few days?

Wait and see.


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