Saturday, November 05, 2005

What Karl Rove Might Say

Cheers to ABC News for continuing to deliver some of the best bloggery on the Internets.

The latest edition of The Note contains the text of an imagined Karl Rove speech delivered from the White House press briefing podium sometime in "the future." Well...probably would never happen...but it's hysterical:

"Now that the special counsel has informed me that I will not be charged in his investigation, I thought I should come to this podium and tell you the straight Texas truth about my role in this case."

"In short, my counsel advises me that there is no controlling legal authority that says that any of my activities violated any law."

"Just kidding. Lighten up, Plante."


"And let's not pretend that any of you give a hoot for the protection of intelligence agents. Most of you think that we need protection FROM intelligence agents."


"I know that for some, my explanation about what happens comes later than they would have liked. And, again, for that I am sorry."

"But in the words of our third-greatest president: I am not a crook."

Make sure you follow the link (almost wrote leak) and read the rest.


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