Sunday, May 30, 2004

Questions for The Times re: Judith Miller

1. Was Judith Miller the recipient of a letter laced with anthrax or was it fake?

2. Did Judith Miller's letter mention the letter that killed the tabloid editor in Florida?

3. If Judith Miller's letter mentioned a possible plot to destroy the Sears come the New York Times never printed that detail?

4. Since Judith Miller was a victim of either the anthrax mailer or a copycat...why does the New York Times still allow her to report on related topics for which she can't possibly be "fair and balanced" about?

5. Does Judith Miller contribute to articles that don't bear her name?

6. Does Judith Miller agree with her one-time co-writer - Laurie Mylroie - that Saddam was responsible for 9-11?

7. Given Judith Miller's relationship to Laurie Mylroie...why was she allowed to write about the Richard A. Clarke book that re-ignited the controversy about Bushie's linking of Iraq to Al-Qaeda?

8. Why hasn't the Times printed a correction about the pre-9/11 article by Judith Miller that claimed that chemical weapons were not being manufactured at Fort Dietrick (which was later "fucking disproved")?

9. Does Judith Miller have any connections to Dr. Iyad Alawi (who has spent mucho greenbacks to promote himself in this country in the last year)?

10. What e-mails did Judith Miller exchange with David Kelly...and for how long did they correspond?

11. What book is Judith Miller working on RIGHT NOW? The weapons of mass destruction compiled by Iran or Syria?


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