Friday, December 19, 2003

Dick Nixon Bin Laden?

CORPORAL LANG - Was it all about the oil? PRIVATE FIRST CLASS EDWARDS - Fine with me, my Bronco is a gas guzzler. I earned me some cheaper fuel prices.
On one of the newly released tapes from the Richard Nixon White House (recorded from July to October in 1972), Mr. Congeniality had this to say about the city that never sleeps (we're in a perpetual "orange alert" state so how the hell could we?): "Maybe New York shouldn't survive. Maybe it should go through a cycle of destruction." Guess he got his wishes. If you want to learn more about our current government, then head to your nearest bookstore and purchase a copy of "The Haldeman Diaries: Inside the Nixon White House" by Dick's one-time chief of staff (he was "massacred" after the Watergate story broke, James Woods portrayed him memorably in Oliver Stone's Macbeth/Nixon). Interestingly enough, I was in the middle of reading it when September 11th happened. That's why I knew Dick Armey was full of shit when he supposedly opposed the Bush Admininistration in it's rush to war. This was an example of a Nixonian dirty trick called "divide and conquer." The best way to appear "fair and balanced" is to allow other voices in the party to pose as the opposition. The Republican Party has only one opinion about everything (the Democratic Party has many different ones, but too many the same as their opposition) so don't ever forget it. People in the party may pretend to disagree but only to achieve a common cause. Nixon was the brains behind Ross Perot, as well. It was his idea for nutty Ross to form his own "United We Stand" party. Dick had a dream that John Connelly - the Dallas Mayor that got shot with JFK - would run with him as a "new" Republican but go find out for yourself.


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