Friday, December 19, 2003

My Letter To The Village Voice

The play's the tool, wherein I'll catch the conscience of the fool.
The Village Voice printed a letter written by me this week:

Re Cynthia Cotts's "Pomp or Protest" [Press Clips, March 3-9]: It's odd that so many government agencies foresee anger and anarchy on the streets during the imminent GOP occupation of our Democratic state. I could swear I heard Dick Cheney on a cable news network last week predicting that New Yorkers will greet conventioneers as liberators and welcome them with cheering crowds and fistfuls of flowers, but maybe I'm propagandistically confused. - Ron Brynaert

A great flash animation dealing with Selection 2000 (chads, Republican rioters and the evil witch Harris) can be found at: Eric Blumrich


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