Sunday, November 23, 2003

Rules of Embedment Flyer

I finally figured out how to post pictures on this site. This is the flyer for the public reading of my play held last November: Image Hosting by


Wednesday, November 19, 2003

What The Hell's Going On Up In Here!

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash) only had it half-right when he claimed that the freedom-loving occupiers could have found Saddam "a long time ago if they wanted." Not only was the timing impeccable for Saddam's capture but its also suspect. How in the Hell could Bush, Rumsfeld, and, particularily, Baker allow their one-time ally to talk about their mutual history together? If this is the real Saddam there is no chance in Waco that he will ever be able to present his case in a courtroom. Aside from the fact that most of the Media has refrained from demanding our troops home since the second reason we supposedly went to war is now a moot point.The most important thing to realize is that the past few days are smoking-gun proof that Saddam had zero ties to 9-11. Otherwise, the pale and haggard prisoner would be locked up in Guatanamo Bay facing charges. But Dubya didn't even mention Al Qaeda in his humble (as the media described it) speech this past Sunday. Instead he blamed the insurgency on Ba'athists. The reason the smirking chimp blamed it on Ba'athists is to attempt to tie Saddam directly to the relentless attacks. International courts cannot be used for backdated crimes (the Henry Kissinger exemption). Not that Saddam will ever ever face an int'l court. Its just the kind of bogus cover that this Administration loves to employ.
How many uniforms does this man have in his closet? Reminds me of the Warren Beatty movie, Heaven Can Wait (after he's called to heaven before his time, the future Bullworth assumes the body of a recently killed millionaire who likes to play dress up). Why is he copying Hilary Clinton when Howard Dean will be his opponent in 04? Why was he all smiles at the meal (this is a war not a video game (check out footage of LBJ's trip to Nam to see the difference)? Eighty Americans are killed (the most for any month since the invasion began) but its safe enough for the leader of the (ha) free world to go? What kind of message does this send to the occupied country? How do we know he even really went there? Because the Media says so!
Over 70 police officers embedded at the Neverland Ranch on the day of Michael Jackson's album release just as Dubya arrives in less than merry old England. Gotta wonder. I wonder if this new unidentified adolescent also has a screenwriting credit on his resume. (in case you don't know - the boy in the 1993 case has a credit for Mel Brooks' Men in Tights because his dentist dad told a producer about the boy's idea for a satire of Robin Hood and then sued) the leaks say the defendant is a cancer victim...sounds like the boy featured in the 2002 Fox special who claimed that MJ cured his disease.
So now it seems that terrorists are coming to the rescue of the British Poodle so that his decision to obey Dubya and co-invade Iraq is for the sake of British Homeland Security and so that he can counter the 200,000 people toppling statues on the city streets. How accomodating of the evil-doers.


Friday, November 07, 2003

Ban Richard Nixon

How dare Richard Nixon say such disgraceful things about Ronald Reagan, the great communicator? It's a combination of blasphemy and treason to refer to our ailing ex-president as "strange" and not "pleasant to be around." Go to so we can ban Richard Nixon's name, image and history from all of America's records. BAN NIXON's goals are to replace Tricky Dick's name with somone more trustworthy such as Henry Kissinger. Nothing's gonna stop us from replacing FDR with Reagan on our dime!!!!!


Monday, November 03, 2003

Cool Links

This list contains dead links that I cut from the front page, in hopes that they will be revived sometime in the future.


Saturday, November 01, 2003

Abe Lincoln's Whitewashed History

TERRY MORAN - And do you know Abraham Lincoln's whitewashed history as a racist separatist? We all have feet of clay, Ted.

TED WOLF - You mean like Wallace and Gromit?

TERRY MORAN - Hypothetical is more than just hype, Ted. If you die, all that'll be left will be your smiling skull, signifying irony, not impartiality.

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