Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Cast & Credits

NEXT PERFORMANCE - MAY 24th, 2004 7:30 PM - T.H.A.W. (Theaters Against Wars)Freedom Follies - Cherry Lane Theatre - 38 Commerce Street - Greenwich Village. A reading of Act IV Scene II. Alex Emanuel as NYC writer Ted Wolf, Ron Brynaert as New York Magazine Editor Harold Reynolds. Direction by Thomas Abbey.

December 8th, 2003 - T.H.A.W. FREEDOM FOLLIES - The Alwan Center for the Arts - 16 Beaver Street #4 - New York City. A reading of Act II Scene II


November 17th, 2003 - Another Urban Riff - 320 West 37th Street - New York City. First Public Reading.


This play is dedicated to the unilateral journalists murdered in Iraq.


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