Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Crony Phoney

The following (abridged) letter was published in The New York Times on Friday, July 9th:

To the editor

RE Paul Krugman's June 29 column critizing the Coalition Provisional Authority: I was in Iraq for seven months as director of private-sector development.....Mr. Krugman includes my appointment in his charge of "cronyism." If the administration wanted to reward a friend, it would come up with something better than seven months of 16-hour days and seven-day workweeks dodging rockets and mortars and living in a trailer....

Thomas C. Foley Greenwich, Conn.

Mr. Foley (and The Timesneglected to mention that he's an "old school" pal of Dubya's and that he was annointed a "Pioneer" during the 2000 Presidential Selection (to be designated a Pioneer you have to have raised over $100,000 in campaign contributions) - in other words - a crony. This link will take you to the Pioneer page for Thomas C. Foley: $47,500 in 2000


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