Sunday, July 18, 2004

Raped by the New York Post

The repulsive (due to her words not looks) Andrea Peyser of The New York Post wrote a particularly ugly column regarding Martha Stewart's sentencing on Friday. This would be the same Andrea Peyser that used to refer to Christiane Amanpour as the “CNN war slut", which even Rupert Murdoch drew offense to.

One of Ms. Peyser's favorite tricks is to claim to be a late convert to the anti-posses. She writes that "six months ago, when first called up to Martha duty, I was a complete novice to her venal ways." Hmmm...that explains the warmth in the column she wrote a year ago on 6/20/30 about Ms. Stewart entitled "How You, Too, Can Be A Fashionable 'Felon.'"

Ms. Peyser is practically gleeful about the fact that Ms. Stewart will soon have to submit to strip searches. "As many a stubborn inmate has learned the hard way, dear Martha, there is nary a crevice which you may call your own private property." The self-proclaimed pro-choice Democrat (though registered as a Democrat, she considers herself a Libertarian even though she votes Republican) chose the word crevice for obvious reasons. Perhaps if Whoopi Goldberg employed the same word at the Kerry benefit she'd still be shilling for Slim-fast.

Showcasing all of her feminine qualities, Ms. Peyser appears to be hopeful that Martha will be raped or abused in prison. "Maybe by this time next year, someone far bigger than me will show Martha the way."

You've got to hand it to the Post. They're smart enough to let the most vile opinions emanate (or enemahate) from women such as Deborah Orin, Michelle Malkin and Andrea Peyser.


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