Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Vote For Kerry/Edwards

I'd like to take this time, one hour before John Edwards' speech at the Convention, to officially endorse the Kerry/Edwards ticket. While I probably would've pulled the Democratic lever in November (or December or January) anyway, today marks the day that this (capitol l) Liberal has finally been won over.

Initially, I supported Sharpton, then I switched to Kucinich, then I fell in love (and even volunteered) with the Dean campaign. While I wish Senator Kerry would make a stronger statement in regards to when we will be pulling our troops out of Iraq, I believe that he will do the right thing, as long as the votes are counted accurately in November (or December or January).

The primary reason why I am joing the bandwagon is the unexpected and unprecedented inclusiveness of the ongoing Democratic Convention. Frankly, I'm amazed that all of Senator Kerry's opponents in the primaries were rewarded with air time during what should - by all rights - be his big show. The speeches by the Als, Gore and Sharpton, were particularily effective for my turnaround.

Go Kerry. Go Edwards. Defeat this undemocratically elected resident, rebuild our country's tarnished image, find out what really happened the past four years, and then pursue criminal charges against the entire neocon gang.


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