Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hail to the Democratic Thief!

Did you ever wonder why Democrats, mostly, sat back and allowed characters such as James Baker, Ted Olsen, Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush to help steal the presidential election in 2000 for future "My Pet Goat" reader George Bush?

Did you ever wonder why - even after selection 2000 - Democrats have done little to fix this country's broken and corrupted election system?

I used to, too. But - as I am learning - maybe it's because many Democrats engage in the same types of dirty tricks and undemocratic shenanigans.

Representative Carolyn Maloney, congresswoman for the 14th District in New York City (and early John Kerry endorsee), has apparently decided that she prefers running unopposed in our Democratic Party primaries. Phoney Maloney's election lawyers and campaign manager have forced Democratic Party candidate Robert Jereski off the ballot (for the September 14th primary) through the misuse of taxpayer money and the dirtiest of dirty tricks (Maloney the Phoney). It's too bad that the Electoral Assistance Division of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs has not been monitoring this particular election.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to read about this sordid affair in any of New York's daily newspapers. Neither The New York Times, The New York Post,The Daily News, or Newsday has seen fit to write one blessed word about this ongoing story.

As I've mentioned before, Robert Jereski (Jereski for Congress) happens to be a friend of mine, so - let's just say - I'm taking this whole rotten affair a little personally. I wish I could be spending this time to complain about the rotten state of our Republican Republic, instead of fellow Democrats. Fortunately, Robert Jereski, a vocal opponent of the illegal invasion of Iraq and the unconstitutional Patriot Act, isn't thinking of sitting back and keeping his mouth shut about a powerful Democratic politician and her misuse of power.

This is the latest press release from the Jereski for Congress camp:

Representative Maloney's Place On Ballot In Jeopardy
-Challenger Robert Jereski To Petition State Supreme Court On Felony Charge of 'Corrupt' Practices-

NEW YORK, NY - In the most serious challenge yet to her 12-year Congressional career, Representative Carolyn Maloney was accused in New York State Supreme Court this morning, Monday, August 9, 2004, of 'corrupt use of power or authority' in securing her place on the ballot for the September 14th primary election. Democratic Party candidate Robert Jereski filed a petition with the court requesting that Maloney's designating petition be thrown out, based on her violation of New York State Election Law, and that she be sanctioned.

Among other complaints, Jereski's campaign is filing charges that Maloney's campaign manager Micah Kellner engaged in electioneering activities, most notably signature collection, while being employed at the Representative's district office at taxpayer expense. These most serious charges are considered felony offenses and may carry prison terms. Mr. Kellner will face these charges in a Special Election Part #49 to be held in New York Supreme Court Room #232 at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, August 11th.

"Congresswoman Maloney has treated her elected office as an entitlement for far too long," said Challenger Robert Jereski. "This latest abuse of power is typical of her approach to our district. It is not surprising that someone who has regularly ignored the views of her constituents would think that her political office could be used to maintain her hold on power. This is exactly why I am running."

Representative Maloney has repeatedly followed the Bush agenda over the objections of her constituents. On issues ranging from the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, to Free Trade, the Congresswoman has ignored her constituents and the core values of the Democratic Party. With Robert Jereski representing the 14th District, we can expect a voice that again speaks for us in Washington, DC.


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