Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Lying Kings

I'm outside the New Amsterdam Theater in the Broadway/42nd Street area, where GOP delegates are scheduled to catch a free show of The Lion King. So far, there are only about one hundred protesters gathered in front. A group of younger protesters are holding a banner that reads "Weapons of Mass Deception?" A well-dressed man, in a business suit, carries a placard with "100 Troops Die For Bush's Lie" written on it. There are reporters and photographers from The Daily News and the foreign press hovering around waiting for something to happen.

Police are lined up in front of Disney's big catbox and across the street on the balcony of another theater. About six buses are parked out in front.

I'm waiting for the mice. Word on the street was that protesters were supposed to dress up in mouse costumes but none are stirring.

Right next to the buses, somebody stuck a sticker on a post: "Republicans Resign. The Private Sector needs Bloodsuckers. Go Home, GOP."

Next door to the house that Mickey bought is another popular out-of-towner attraction, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. Rudy Giuliani happens to be the wax dummy that the 42nd Street Madame has chosen to stand guard at front. I couldn't resist staging a photo. So I persuaded a protester to pose next to Rudy with his Impeach George Bush sign.

More later...including pictures.


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