Thursday, August 05, 2004

Maloney the Phoney Part 2

A week-and-a-half ago, I wrote about a "dirty trick" ballot dispute concerning the Democrat Primary race for Congress in the 14th District of New York City: Maloney The Phoney.

Unfortunately, my friend and Congressional candidate, Robert Jereski (Jereski For Congress), suffered a setback, yesterday, at a Board of Elections hearing, instigated by Carolyn Maloney's supporters. The Board of Elections ruled that Mr. Jereski's designating petitions were 4 signatures short of the 1250 needed to qualify.

In an e-mail I received from the campaign, Mr. Jereski writes, "We are baffled as to why a six-term Congressperson would spend so much time and money running away from debates and an election if she believes in herself and her popularity."

I'm not baffled. I'm apalled.

Mr. Jereski concludes, "We are very disappointed that Maloney, who has voted with Bush too many times (click here for comparison between Jereski and the incumbent), would use her PAC money to unleash her election lawyers to thwart Democracy, instead of facing the voters and asking them to decide. We oppose election by election lawyers. If you do as well, please send a contribution to help with the attorney's fees (Jereski For Congress)."


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