Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Theorized Surprises

While checking out various blogs today, I found a great link at Cosmic Iguana which pointed me toward an article posted at Tom Dispatch which really nails the "October Surprise" phenomenom.

While I fear any number of possible (almost probable) scenarios that may occur, there is one surprise that - if I were a betting man and, especially, if I were not the son of a problem gambler - I'd consider a safe bet.

Bush's handlers will drop Cheney from the ticket at the Republican Convention and choose New York Governor George Pataki to be his running mate. Most pundits in the media seem to think that John McCain or Rudy Giuliani are safer (well, the former would be safer...the latter would be the exact opposite) bets, but former-Republican-Senator-and-renowned-Occidental-impressionist Alphonse D'Amato's handpicked handshaker is more of a team player and less of a wild card. I believe that - aside from "Ground Zero" - this is the reason the GOP selected New York City as the site for their convention, even though they damn-sure know that they're unwanted here.

The main reason to dump Cheney has nothing to do with Haliburton, Joe Wilson or the 9-11 Commission report. It's a matter of succession; there is no chance in hell or Crawford that the weak-hearted, hard-speaking Cheney can be the nominee in 2008.

But don't feel bad for Mr. Chaney. I expect that Rove & Co. will allow him to oversee the search for an Intelligence Czar. I wonder who he'll pick.


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