Saturday, September 04, 2004

150 Pictures & Stories

I took over 150 pictures over the last six days to document some of the most important (and newsworthy...though the Corporate Media failed to see this...again) displays of civil disobedience and non-violent protest held in this great country, since the 1960s.

The Bush Administration - and its lackeys in the GOP/Media - like to throw around the word "freedom" a lot, yet they never adequately explain what it is they mean by it. In all actuality, since November, 2000, the Bushies and the GOPers - along with much of America's Media - have worked together to curtail our freedoms. Forget about the hateful speeches filled with lies launched from inside Madison Square Garden over the last four days. These pictures (and the stories that I'll be adding over the next few weeks) demonstrate the truth about what freedom (and our way of American life) really means.

NOTE to all the Bush supporters that may have landed on this website: I was disappointed that I didn't see that many of you out there on the streets of New York City the last few days...but to those of you who were...even the ones that shouted and argued with me...even the ones that belonged to organized groups devoted to stifling our messages...thanks for coming to New York City and expressing your views. I firmly support your freedom to speak, just as I do the friends and fellow citizens of America and the world who were on our side of the barricades.


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