Sunday, September 05, 2004

Bush's Speech On the Street

Bush's Speech On the Street
Originally uploaded by Ron Brynaert.

This picture was taken by me last night at about 11:00 PM, while less than sixty protesters remained outside Madison Square Garden (out of about 6,000 that had dispersed). Protesters took turns listening to Bush's speech on a walkman and repeating it to the crowd. Sometimes we fake clapped our approval. Sometimes we booed. Sometimes we added our own lines. Another protester circled around us like a madman screaming "Bullshit!" over and over again. The police left us alone and didn't bother us, since there were so few of us.

Soon, about two thousand people marched uptown, joining us from a candlelight vigil held at Union Square. As they reached us, I started slowly clapping - just like a character in a bad sports movie - and some others clapped along. If we hadn't stayed, the police would probably have sealed up the area and pushed us further away from Madison Square Garden.


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