Friday, September 10, 2004

Ghouliani's Speech at the RNC

Because I spent most of my time during the RNC taking pictures and yelling at delegates (I'm sick of reading about how rude the protesters were to Republicans during the invasion...they weren't simply Republicans...they were Republicans that came to New York City to exploit our 9-11 fallen...they were Republican delegates who were here to re-select Bush to lord over protesters were denying them their free right to speech...we were denying them the right to do their thing without being called on it), I'm still a little behind in catching up on the cornucopia of hate speeches that were spewed in my precious Garden (Madison Square Garden is for Knicks, not Dicks!).

But I made damn sure to catch Rudy's speech, because I can't stand the racist, philandering son-of-a-bitch. As much as I detest the current Administration, I have no doubt that America would become a true police state if Rudy assumed power. (Arrest everyone and let God sort them out!)

First off, Rudy's knocking the Democratic Party as being "wrong about everything" is more than a bit (to quote John McCain) disingenuous. After all, Rudy spent more than half of his life as a fellow (yucky...did I really just say "fellow") Democrat. It wasn't until 1976 that he even voted for a Republican for President - and he picked a great one: the un-elected-by-anyone Gerald Ford.

Next, I think it is positively disgraceful the way he kept referring to the victims of 9-11 as sacrifices. They weren't sacrificed, they were stone-cold murdered. Just think what Rudy would say if the defense attorney for Colin Ferguson (the infamous Long Island Railroad mass murderer), during his trial, referred to the innocents who died as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter.

There is no "greater good" to come out of the death of more than 3,000 men, women and children. Iraq is not an altar. If Rudy truly believes that the 9-11 victims were sacrificed so that the Project For A New American Century (PNAC can come about, well then, he knows more than he's telling.

Which brings us to...

What does Rudy know? How connected is he?

Near the end of his speech, he said, "The horror, the shock and the devastation of those attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and over the skies of Pennsylvania lifted a cloud from our eyes."

"Over the skies of Pennsylvania?"

What the hell does that mean?

According to the "official" reports, the United Airline Flight 93 smashed into the ground.

Did Rudy slip up? Did Flight 93 actually blow up "over the skies of Pennsylvania" due to a terrorist bomb or fighter jet missile?

Why hasn't anyone else caught on to this possible bombshell?

Why did The New York Times investigate the Whitewater non-affair for years upon years but choose to leave it up to the government to account for everything that's happened on September 11th? How come Daniel Hopsicker (Mad Cow Morning News) seems to be the only journalist in this country who still cares about what really happened?

I'm just asking questions, is all. In the hopes that more and more people will also begin to ask more questions. Then - maybe - someone who can do something about it will begin asking, too.


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