Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Off The NY Times Radar

Yesterday's front page of The New York Times(Monday, September 20, 2004) featured the article "Portrait of George Bush in '72: Unanchored in Turbulent Time," as reported by Sara Rimer, Ralph Blumenthal and Raymond Bonner and written by Ms. Rimer. The first sentence of this not-exactly groundbreaking investigation: "Nineteen seventy-two was the year George W. Bush dropped off the radar screen."

If you read my last couple of posts (if not...scroll down), it is actually the period between late-December 1972 and the summer of 1973, when George W. Bush did volunteer work for the P.U.L.L. program in Houston, Texas - and when he still owed eighteen months out of a six-year commitment to the National Guard - that has been shamefully neglected and hardly examined by the news media.

As The Times reported, documents released by the White House show that he received pay for attending drills with an Alabama unit in January, April and several days in early May 1973; even though he had only been authorized to drill there from September through November 1972 in order for him to work on the unsuccessful Winton Blount Senatorial campaign.

The article maintains that "[b]y January 1973, Mr. Bush had a new job, with an inner-city youth program organized by John L. White, a former professional football player who knew his father."

Yet again, Mr. White - who died in 1988 - is credited as the founder of P.U.L.L. and friend of Herbert Walker, but there is no mention of former professional football player/former bad-guy wrestler Ernie Ladd. Even though Ernie Ladd happens to be the co-founder of Project P.U.L.L. and he has maintained (and profited from) a bosom relationship with the Bush family for over thirty-five years.

Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd is the missing link which will shed more light on the mystery concerning George W. Bush's sudden devotion to charity work which - for some reason - superseded his commitment to fulfilling his contract with the United States National Guard.

To Be Continued


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