Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Randi Rhodes Says Activate Bush

On her dangerously addictive Air America radio show, Randi Rhodes weighed in on the (long overdue) controversy over George Bush's National Guard service (or lack thereof). In reference to Mr. Bush's 30-minute address to about 3,000 members of the National Guard Association at the Las Vegas Convention Center this past Tuesday, Ms. Rhodes said "I'm amazed he even showed up. And I think the Guard was too."

A document - just recently released by the White House - shows that Mr. Bush agreed to serve in the Air National Guard well beyond the termination of his six year Military Service Obligation (Not-so-gentleman's Agreement). Ms. Rhodes added: "And you know what they should do? They should make him stay there and fulfill that contract. That's what they should do. And check this out, here's what happens in the Guard if you don't fulfill your contract as a Guardsman. Do you know what the punishment is? No, you don't go to Guantamano. You go on active duty. They activate you. That's what happens. Especially during the Vietnam War...that was the biggest threat...and now it is too. So I think they ought to activate him."

Will Dubya soon be reporting for duty somewhere in the so-called Sunni Triangle in Iraq?

Doubtful. But there's no doubt that he should.

As Ms. Rhodes explained, "I don't think that there's any statute of limitations on the uniform code of military justice."


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