Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush Not Concerned About Lying

Atrios posted this video which shows Bush smirking and grinning while spinning his unconcern about the wanted-dead-or-alive Osama bin Laden. I guess this video must be some sort of an "exaggeration."

Of course, Kerry kicked ass again, and most of the early online polls reflect that un-exaggeration as I write this. Even if the pundits again call it a draw.

Bush didn't go crazy and attack anyone. But he did cut off the moderator once again.

I haven't seen any new photos yet that detect wires or gizmos on Bush's person. But if he had some sort of tape recorder device, it must have gotten stuck, since every other answer of his mentioned education. What the hell does education have to do with raising the minimum wage? I'm sure some travelling freeper will leave a comment to explain the voodoo economics to me.


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