Saturday, October 23, 2004

Do KKKers Earn 100 Bucks A Gig?

Today's New York Times contains a front page story, written by Michael Moss, entitled "Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State." According to Mr. Moss, Republicans have enlisted 3,600 people to monitor the election because they are "concerned about the possibility of fraud involving thousands of newly registered Democrats." At first I thought that this was some kind of mistake. That The Times had accidently reprinted an article from thirty years ago.

There's no way that this could be true. No way.

I mean - just the other night - Fox's Sean Hannity asked Dick Cheney (Transcript) if there was an "orchestrated effort among Republicans to suppress the black vote." The Vice President of the United States replied, "It's just fundamentally untrue. It's another one of those lies, distortions. I've tried hard not to use that that word. A clear misrepresentation. Just an out and out effort to scare people."


Dick Cheney is a liar.

Dick Cheney is a piece-of-shit, dirty, stinking, racist, fucking dirtbag. And I'm not afraid to use any of those words.

Although the Times article mentions that the preemptive strike is targeting heavily Democratic urban neighborhoods, this link reveals that 28% of the population in Cuyohaga Country happens to be black or African-American.

Any registered Republican that doesn't plan to vote for Bush is a hero in my book.

Any registered Republican that plans to monitor a polling booth in an effort to suppress the black vote deserves to...(leave a comment and tell me what you think they deserve because right now I'm so angry I'm not thinking clearly).


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