Thursday, October 07, 2004

Don't Believe The Hype That There Won't Be A Draft

Someone named Paradox (via Tapped and via Mydd) posted a great link on which features "Ohio House Representative Tim Ryan explaining why young people are still afraid of the draft despite repeated Republican denials."

Download this video and watch it on your Windows Media Player (thanks to DjW for sparing some precious bandwidth).

Only a numbskull would discount the possibility of the reinstatement of the draft if there's a second Bush term. That would be the same kind of numbskull that also believes that Saddam Hussein contributed to the September 11 attacks.

Congress can pass all the bill it wants to. But - despite the fact that Arnold is California's Governor - there isn't much of a chance that the endless war on terror will be fought with terminator robots. If not a draft, then what?

This is a letter I wrote The New York Times (which, of course, they didn't print) on December 29th, 2003:

Dear Editors,

Re: "The Thinning of the Army" (editorial, Dec. 29):

It's been a while since the coming spring rotation for the troops in Iraq has been addressed in this paper. While criticisms of the Bush administration's chronic unilateralism are certainly valid, the more probable and viable "solution" to our soldier shortage goes unmentioned. You don't need a weatherman to know a new draft is coming. That way, more Americans will have the opportunity to play lead supporting roles in the dogmatic war on terror. Fresh troops translates into more military families, which are more controllable, less-inclined to criticize or dissent and, as a result, tend to vote Republican. At least some new jobs will be created.

Ron Brynaert


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