Monday, October 18, 2004

Mighty, Mighty Eschaton

As much as I appreciate the traffic, if you only have time to hit one blog for the day, make sure you read Eschaton. When I have some time, I'm going to write a monster post on just the stuff I've read at the past few weeks. He deserves a Pulitzer for this recent stretch.

Just less than an hour ago, Atrios posted a link to a story about a Republican effort to move polling places from "carefully" selected neighborhoods in South Philly. If you follow that link and then follow the link on that link, you will hit upon a quote which reminds me of the infamous Sports Illustrated interview - from a few years back - with former Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker: Republican leader of the 48th Ward in South Philadelphia Matt Robb on why he supports moving the polling places from these neighborhoods, "It's predominantly, 100 percent black. I'm just not going in there to get a knife in my back."

I'm not going to provide the links to the story. That way you don't forget to hit Atrios today and every day.


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