Saturday, October 23, 2004

Part 3...Coming Soon

The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an article today that disputes the role George W. Bush played in Operation P.U.L.L.: Some dispute Bush account of '73 charity work. Meg Laughlin writes, "Some former associates of White, who died in 1988, speaking on the record for the first time, say that Bush wasn't helping to run the program but was instead a volunteer, and that White hadn't asked Bush to come aboard. Instead, the associates said, White told them he agreed to take Bush on as a favor to Bush's father, who was honorary cochairman of the program at the time. They say White, a tight end for the Houston Oilers in the '60s, told them Bush had gotten into some kind of trouble, but White never gave them specifics."

Finally, someone other than little old me (and the late James Hatfield) is beginning to investigate this shadowy period of the silver spoonhead's life - a time which should have been spent fulfilling his commitment to the Texas Air National Guard.

I've held off on posting Part 3 of this story because I was hoping to get some help from other journalists and bloggers. I even wrote Greg Palast and offered him all of my research. But I've put it off for too long.

It was tough work digging up what I could (and I promise you that I did dig up some good stuff) because - as Ms. Laughlin writes - "No documents from Bush's time with PULL exist. The agency, which closed in 1989, left most of its records behind when it moved to another location in 1984."

I should have Part 3 of "Cocaine, Wrestling & George Bush" done within the next few days. In it, I will connect the dots that I have sketched in the last few installments. Specifically, I will show how Ernie Ladd has profited from his support of the Bush family for the last thirty years. I hope others (in the blog world and the larger Media) will follow-up on my work.

There is no doubt that Ernie Ladd is lying about the circumstances behind why George W. Bush spent 9 months in Houston, Texas in 1973, when he should have been fulfilling his National Guard contract.

One final note. The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that Ernie Ladd is now a minister in Louisiana. True. But as I have uncovered, Ernie Ladd also happens to be the chief executive of a petroleum and chemical firm.


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