Saturday, October 09, 2004

Shut the Door! I Still Feel A Draft

So Bush promised America that he won't resume the draft if he's selected for a second term by his friends in the Supreme Court.

Should we believe him?

In my last post I wrote, "that there isn't much of a chance that the endless war on terror will be fought with terminator robots."

So, AMERICA, you have a choice.

Believe Bush and our GOP controlled Congress that there won't be some sort of draft established in order to fight an endless war on terror fought on fronts that have nothing to do with what happened on September 11, 2001.

Or believe that we currently have the technology to fight and win wars by replacing men with robots as Bush bragged about in the second debate with John Kerry last night.

P.S. - A blogger left a comment regarding my post from yesterday. When I checked his personal website and saw the link at the top of his page to which clearly shows Kerry in the lead (280-248 at this particular time), I assumed he was a Democrat. But it turns out that he's a blogger for Bush. So no wonder he disagreed with me.

I responded to his comments in the haloscan thread. I wrote that I would follow up in a future post...but I don't see a need to, now. Friendly fire disturbs me, enemy fire makes me stand firmer. So I stand by everything I wrote in my last post.

I've written some things on this blog that haven't come true. I've written some things in anger, which I later might have regretted a bit. But that's the life of a political blogger, working without a net, with no editors or fact checking interns. Bush has attacked Kerry for changing his mind. But thats what human beings do. We sometimes change our minds. I reserve the right to change my mind in the future.


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