Monday, October 11, 2004

Who Can Really Run And Hide?

I'm going to borrow a much-much-much repeated line by George Bush, especially, over the last few days, while on the fake campaign trail. Fake because, in order to attend one of his charlatan-rainmaker-performances, the prospective attendee must prove party allegiance, sign waivers, and - as The New York Times recently revealed - work the phones or do odd jobs for the Cheney/Bush campaign. Which means: that one of the few presidents unelected-by-the-popular-vote has no wish to attract borderline, wavering or uncommitted voters; normally, the only reason that a candidate would campaign at all. He must know something that we don't, but will know soon within the next month.

A line that seems designed to draw some sort of sinister connection between a man who is the only hope for America and the man who has been second-most responsible for destroying much of the hope of America.

George W. Bush can run but he can't hide from the fact that the invasion of Iraq - under way-more-than-one false pretense - has helped accomplish the Osama bin Laden mission of successfully running away and hiding.


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