Thursday, November 04, 2004

Count the Votes First!

This picture is courtesy of John in D.C. of America Blog: Possible evidence of voter fraud in Ohio: "I just received a photo a Cincinnati poll manager took this evening, and it seems to be proof of some fishy actions with ballots in Ohio. Bottom line: Note the already-voted-with ballots in the back of the truck with the Bush-Cheney sticker in the back window. Does this prove fraud?"

Tas at Loaded Mouth: Fox News tries playing Kingmaker. Again.: "For those who have read my replies to comments on this post, remember how I expressed that Kerry has a slim chance of winning Ohio with provisional votes, and I used the 50/50 argument? Well, as far as I'm corcerned, my argument is now moot -- I was wrong. I wrong to take into account how people who have to vote with provisional ballots will be predominately Democrat, and now we've learned that some minorities were being forced to vote provisionally because the state didn't supply their polling districts with an ample amount of voting machines."

LondonYank at Daily Kos: LIARS! All exit polls matched results except OH and FLStory: "It saddens me greatly to report that the voters in Florida and Ohio are staggeringly dishonest. They appear to have uniquely lied to the exit pollsters yesterday, unlike the honest citizens of every other state. This seems the only rational explanation for the very big discrepancy between (the original) exit poll results and the outcomes of their (reported) votes."

Alexander at Daily Kos: Which is more credible: exit polls or Diebold? Story: "Exit polls are what made Jimmy Carter declare that the recent vote conducted in Venezuela to reject a recall of their president was properly conducted.


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