Friday, November 12, 2004

Simon Rosenberg Will Destroy The Democratic Party!

Simon Rosenberg will destroy the Democratic Party.

Simon Rosenberg will strengthen the neoconservative stranglehold on our Republic.

Simon Rosenberg will force groups like MoveOn to move out of the fold.

If Simon Rosenberg thinks that the illegal invasion of Iraq was justified then he should practice what he preaches. Let him go to Fallujah and sacrifice his blood for oil!

Has Kos lost his mind? The other day he backed Howard Dean but now he's pulled a dangerous flip-flop. A Diary by Sterling Newberry ran at the top of his site and it's entitled "Why Simon Rosenberg Should NOT be DNC Chair" but it's supposed to be ironic; it's an endorsement.

I happened to catch an interview with him today on Air America (Unfiltered MP3: fast forward about an hour and fifteen minutes into the show):

Simple Simon soundbites - "I would've voted for the war, personally, I mean, if I had been in Congress." "The American people overwhelmingly supported the war."

Strictly speaking, Rosenberg's a lying sack of shit. In the interview, he kept I'm not trying to lurch the party to the center or right but forward...but then he kept saying things that are as ZellLiebermanish as a "Democrat" can get. Not to mention, that he misrepresented Senator Kerry's reasons for voting in favor of the Iraq war resolution (he did NOT support the President to "go in and take out the bad guy") and spent much of the interview mercilessly attacking his candidacy. Earth to Simon: At least 56 million people voted for Kerry!

He thinks that Kerry should've backed the war in Iraq. This fucker's for it! He thinks Kerry would've won if he had disagreed with the Bush post-war plan and not the war himself. He's completely delusional. Does he really think thousands of New Yorkers would've taken buses to Pennsylvania on election day to support a pro-war candidate? Does he really think that Kerry would've gotten even half the support from African-Americans and the youth of America that he got if his election might've led to a draft? If Joe Lieberman had been the nominee this "past" election, there would have been a million protesters in Boston for the DNC.

Simon Rosenberg, take your moral minority New Democratic Majority and shove it up your chickenhawk ass!

Please write your Democratic congressmen, your senators, your who-evers...and make sure that Karl Rove's wet dream doesn't happen. This diary, Who Votes For The DNC Chair?, off of Kos by Topdog04 contains a list of DNC members. Keep checking it for e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

We have too much work to do. We need to fight back against the Bush Administration as hard as we can! We need to fix our voting system! But we can't let the Democratic Party commit suicide! Why are they doing this!


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