Saturday, November 27, 2004

What's Up In Ohio

Rev. Jesse Jackson is holding a rally this Sunday in Columbus, Ohio to draw attention to a formal recount requested in Ohio by third-party presidential candidates and the more than 155,000 provisional ballots still being counted. "Jackson believes blacks were disenfranchised by the shortage of election machines in Franklin and other counties and doesn't trust [Secretary of State J. Kenneth] Blackwell, who was associate Ohio chairman of President Bush's campaign, to remain neutral." Ohio News Now

You would think that this qualifies as news, but a search on Yahoo News only brings up three newspaper references (two in Ohio). And what do you know, type in Ukraine and fraud in Yahoo News and you get 6,220. I guess exit poll/election result discrepancies only matter here if they don't happen here.

"We need to investigate, coordinate, litigate, recount and recuse. You don't have an owner of a team be the umpire of the seventh game of the World Series, " said Jackson. The Cobb-LaMarche campaign is now in the process of recruiting volunteers and raising funds for monitoring the actual recount process which is expected to take place in early December (after the votes have been certified or a higher court rules otherwise). Volunteers and donors should visit the campaign website, for more information.

A press release sent by the Cobb campaign (and forwarded to me by the fine folks at www.Nov3.US) also included this Ohio Recount Timeline of past and future actions (NOTE - I edited it for space and added the last two dates):


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