Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Why Did Kerry Back Out of Ohio?

The Florida of 2004.

Why Are We Back In Florida 2000?

Because Democrats have done little to secure our voting system. Because Democrats have laid down and died instead of acting to prevent Diebold voting machines from being used in our elections.?

Other liberal bloggers have decided to concede this election.

I will not. At least not until ALL of the votes have been counted. That includes provisional ballots which voters were forced to cast because of GOP challenges, many of which were based on race; absentee ballots from as many as 10,000,000 overseas voters which have not been counted yet; and possible recounts in states such as New Mexico or Ohio which might have to take place after the provisional and absentee ballots are counted.

If Kerry wants to desert the ship. That's fine.

Even if the final official count determines that Kerry was the winner, I doubt that things will change.

But if they do.

And if it turns out that the Kerry/Edwards ticket was the true winner.

I'd like to cast a vote to dump Kerry from the ticket and making John Edwards the Presidential candidate, for caring about the votes that haven't been counted yet, and for refusing to back down in the face of apparent fascism and racism.

It's bad enough Kerry conceded too early. It's even worse that he gave the GOP the gift of a conciliatory soundbite. Presidents Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld have no intention of listening to the 53 million voters who voted against their evil empire. We won't get fooled again.


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