Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Medea Media

What the fuck is going on in this country? Specifically, what the fuck is going on with our media? I know I shouldn't be surprised at anything they say or do or lie about, but two recent events have gotten to me.

Yesterday, the dickless dickhead most responsible - this past year - for the loss of at least 1,000 U.S. troops, three public debates, and 100% of this country's honor and reputation, was anointed Time Magazine's Man of the Year. Personally, I believe Karl Rove deserved that honor, for getting away with stealing another election.

Speaking of "stealing another election" (no surprise...it's about all I've spoken about for the last eight weeks), the winner of this year's Associated Press survey for the top news story of 2004, as voted on by an associated assortment of editors, news directors, and homeland security officials: Election 2004. This must be the first time the top news story of the year also happens to be the number one suppressed news story of the year (especially over the last eight weeks).

I've been unable to provide details about all the latest news concerning the latest stolen election the past few weeks (sorry...but my blogging has been temporarily derailed by my financial situation...but I'll soon be back), so please check out BradBlog and Cannonfire for a never-ending barrage of unreported news stories concerning Election 2004.



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