Thursday, January 27, 2005

Another Ricky New Soldier Blog & Instapundit

5 AM in the morning Update. Ricky's "New Democrat" blog has been removed from blogspot. I'm assuming that was Ricky's move because of the work Tas and I (and Jesse) have done. So Max, looks like you might get to keep your blog title, unless Simon Rosenberg comes knocking.

Ricky, this isn't over yet. Some Americans don't take kindly to foreigners interfering in our presidential elections.

Update: Ricky Ain't American!. Check out the latest article by Tas at Loaded Mouth (you too, Ricky, unless you've already made your way from there to here) to find out what other country the "new democrat" blogs from.

Why did so many big time Republican bloggers hand out links to a foreigner in a bid to influence our Presidential election? They have fucking site trackers just like most of us bloggers, so they knew damn well where Ricky Vandal originated from. Instapundit, L.G.F., Protein Wisdom, Andrew Sullivan, and every other right wing blogger that linked to the anti-Kerry websites are looking about as unpatriotic as you can get, in my never-humble opinion.

I just found another Ricky page on the Internet devoted to smearing John Kerry's war record that was posted on October 11, 2004.. This page is basically a reprint of the horeshit on Ricky's New Soldier blog (which attracted 300,000 visitors before the election...not all arriving from right wing blogs). It's called "Is Kerry a traitor?" It's a page on the American Computer Science Associate Website, (ACSA.Net) and it claims to represent the views of ACSA, a "NON-PROFIT CHARITY, A PRIVATE FOUNDATION UNDER USC 501(c)3."

"ACSA discloses in reprints and comments, it's perspective on Senator John Kerry, after analyzing his political PAST and the claims of the Swift Boat Veterans. Contrary to public allegations, we do NOT believe the Swift Boat Veterans are backed by the Bush Campaign. We believe they are the outcome of a significant response to 1971-78 Kerry behavior by Vietnam Vets shocked by his dishonorable behavior and disgracefully false comments."

Attention all curious Republicans, I completely support the right for the Swift Boat Veterans to lie about Kerry's war record. But I completely condemn all of the Media tools who disregarded the fact that all the official military records contradicted their stories and that the Swift Boat veterans that directly served with Kerry did too.

I have no way of figuring out how many people visited this particular page, but the homepage of ACSA says that the Website receives 1.5 million visitors per year, and that nearly 25,000 stopped by in the last 24 hours. But if you hit the button at the top of the homepage, the one that says Post Election, you will see that Ricky's page is the second link from the top. Pretty good propaganda placement.

Today, Ricky added this to his New Soldier blog: "Wednesday, January 26, 2005 DISCLOSURE I'm a Zell Miller Democrat. John Kerry was a threat to our national security, that's the reason I supported Bush. My new website is: THE NEW DEMOCRAT posted by Ricky at 5:59 AM." Even less than his previous "full disclosure" at T.N.D. but just as full as shit. Ricky's ain't no sort of Democrat. And that fucking prick added another post to his Clinton Daily Diary today in which he gently criticized Democrats and there is no fucking disclosure on that blog, and it received 1800 hits this week (please somebody do something to stop it).

Now, some fun.

Late last night, I sent an e-mail to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. I forgot to add the names of the three sponsors (see my last post), so I don't think I'm going to be winning that record deal. I'm going to give Mr. Reynolds one more day to respond before I post that letter to him here and continue on with that part of the Ricky story.

If you read the first article on Ricky that Tas put up on Loaded Mouth, you will have learned one of the three main mistakes that the serial blogger left in his trail, that really weren't too hard to discover (you just had to know where, how and why to look and what and which to look for). I'm not going to spell that mistake out here for you (go read or re-read the mighty Tas), let's not let Ricky learn too much here when he visits. After I am finished with Ricky I will reveal the rest of how we did it.



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